Hallow’s Eve Fashion Show Review & The Designers shops| Post 001: Developer Support

Heyyyy Everybody!!!! 🙂

I’m backkkk!!! and I’ve have returned to doing blog posts!!

If You remember “UniqueVisionaire” and “SensualDevotion” you would know that both blogs have now merged into one thus bringing the birth to UniqueDevotion! 😀 and The Original owner of the blog is Ofcourse Amoureux@imvu!! Today I bring you my post featuring my twin sister Frights@Imvu and her wife Fears . As You all may know over the weekend Frights and Fears hosted a fashion show called “Hallow’s Eve” bringing you to the high fashion side of Halloween with their sexiest creations for halloween and if you watched via Join.me, You’d see that they’d both had done an EXCELLENT JOB! I’m very proud of them both and I’m honored that i got the chance to walk in their amazing show once again. Oh and Btw! Poses for Fears Models were made by iish@Imvu as well and they were amazing so please shop iish if you’re looking for the poses from the show to rock for your own personal usage! I know several people went and enjoyed themselves and peeped out what they wanted to get from their favorite dev’s shop when the items were released after Midnight on October 27th which was the second and last show hosted over the weekend! The Lag was unbelievable but we were all glad to see the ones who truly supported fears and frights as well as the ones who watched on join.me. You guys truly show your love and support in more ways than just one.

The Following Models were walking in their show







I must admit We all (myself included) Killed it! Good Job Everyone! Unforunately I don’t have a video of the show on hand but I do have a gif that was made to give you a taste and a look at how the fashion show truly went for those who wasn’t able to witness the sexiness and amazing creations made by Frights and Fears.

Fashion Show, Hallow's Eve, Frights, Fears

Also feel free to check out their group “G0THAM CITY” They both are doing customs as well as friends and family members of Frights and Fears! 🙂 you can also apply to be a featured model in future shows to come for Frights and Fears as well! I fully support the both of them and have been by their side since day one. 🙂 I’m proud of them both and honored to promote and support them with whatever is needed to be. #iSupportF&F !!!

Please click their shop links below to shop Frights and Fears and iish!! ;D Post 2 is coming soon!!





UniqueVisionaire/SensualDevotion Rebirth

ιғ yoυ never нeard oғ υnιqυevιѕιonaιre or ѕenѕυaldevoтιon, yoυ wιll now..υnιqυevιѕιonare ιѕ a вlog ѕυpporтιng developerѕ, arтιѕтѕ, and eтc. wнoм are ѕтrυgglιng and υnĸwown…and ѕenѕυaldevoтιon waѕ a вlog тypιcally dealιng wιтн тнe ѕaмe тнιng вυт ѕυpporтιng ғaмιly and ғrιendѕ only…тнe вlog wιll вe coмвιned reѕυlтιng ιn тнe вιrтн oғ υnιqυedevoтιon. aѕ ѕтaтed тнe very laѕт тιмe ι вlogged..

ιdonoт ѕυpporт тнe ғollowιng:
– ѕтolen prodυcтѕ
– ѕтolen arт

**yoυr worĸ нaѕ тo вe мade 100% вy yoυ!**

ι’м looĸιng ғor new developerѕ тo ѕυpporт(ғaмιly &ғrιendѕ ιnclυded). ι only aѕĸ ιғ yoυ ѕυpporт тнe вlog aѕ well aѕ мy ѕнop..ιreғυѕe тo ѕυpporт тнoѕe wнo wιll noт ѕυpporт мe wнaт. ѕo. ever. ѕo wιтн тнaт вeιng ѕaιd..ιғ yoυ нave any arт ѕнopѕ, cυѕтoм ѕнopѕ, ѕoro/ғraтѕ or wнaтever..ғeel ғree тo ιnвoх aмoυreυх@ιмvυ ғor мore ιnғorмaтιon. 🙂 тнanĸ yoυ